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Over 150 follow-along strength training workouts at your fingertips! Every workout includes individualized warm-ups, cool-downs, exercise modifications, and extra motivation so that you complete the exact workout you need that day. Filter workouts by muscle group, length, equipment, and difficulty.


Recover your body properly between workouts with stretch, flow, and mobility sessions. Including these workouts regularly will help prevent muscle soreness, improve range of motion, and reduce injuries.

Exercise Database

Look up any of the 100+ exercises in the video exercise database to learn proper form, set-up options, modifications, and tips to engage your muscles properly. Exercises are listed in every workout description so that you can take a few moments before your workouts to get comfortable and know exactly what to do when you step on your mat.


Band Bar Studio Challenges help you stay motivated and work towards a specific goal. They range from 2-6 weeks and are compiled of Band Bar Studio workouts on a specific schedule. All challenges are free and easily repeatable.

Band Bar Resources

Receive even more guidance in our Resource videos. Learn how to use your Band Bar, how to arrange the resistance bands to find the exact resistance you need for every exercise, and how to safely set up exercises.

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