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  • Uplifted Challenge

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  • Powerhouse Challenge

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    Want to get stronger, leaner, and faster all at the same time?? Let me introduce you to your new best friend - POWER TRAINING. In this 4 week challenge we are going to combine fundamental strength training with speed work, muscle control, and endurance to improve your overall athleticism. The Pow...

  • MOVE FWD Challenge

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    This MOVE FWD challenge is a 4-week strength-based training program utilizing the Push Pull Legs training split. You will complete 3 strength workouts, 1 conditioning workout, and 2 recovery sessions per week. Every workout is under 45 minutes so that you can stay accountable even on your busiest...

  • 42 FOR YOU Challenge

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    If you have been looking for a workout routine that's enjoyable, motivating, and challenging, this is the program for you! This 6 week challenge is a strength-based training program with a glute focus. The 4 workouts per week range from 15-60 minutes and increase in intensity as you get more comf...

  • Full Body Blitz Challenge

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    This challenge is here to help you get back into a routine by creating some excitement around your workouts again. Every workout works the entire body, has a different workout goal (i.e. strength, conditioning, toning, etc), and is under 30 minutes long! By the end of the 14 days, you will feel s...

  • Start Strong Challenge

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    Are you looking for a boost of motivation? Feeling bored of your current fitness routine? Need help knowing where to start with strength training? This 4 week, beginner-friendly workout challenge featuring Band Bar Studio videos is here to help you start (and stick with) a fitness routine that yo...