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LIFTMAS DAY 12: 14min Glutes

1-15 min • 14m

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  • LIFTMAS DAY 11: 10min Cardio

    No Equipment Needed

    A1. Bodyweight Med Ball Slam
    A2. Footwork
    A3. Squat to Standing Bicycle Crunch
    A4. Lateral Leg Lift
    A5. Skaters
    A6. Pendulum Lunge
    A7. Walking Burpee
    A8. Crab Toe Touch
    A9. Sprinters Crunch

  • LIFTMAS DAY 9: 10min Arms

    Equipment Needed:
    - Band Bar
    - Resistance Bands

    A1. Shoulder Press
    A2. Bicep Curl with Extension
    A3. Tricep Kickbacks
    A4. Single Arm Front to Lateral Raise
    A5. Narrow to Wide Hammer Curl
    A6. Horizontal Tricep Extension
    A7. External Shoulder Rotation
    A8. Steering Wheel
    A9. Jab & Cross

  • LIFTMAS DAY 8: 10min Band Core

    Equipment Needed:
    - Resistance Bands
    - Door Anchor

    A1. Assisted V-Ups
    A2. Tall Kneeling Pallof Press to Rotation
    A3. Lateral Resisted Forearm Plank
    A4. Reverse Crunches